Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorised Roller are motor-driven blinds designed for straight vertical windows. It can be opened in any way like: Up or Down opening. It covers windows width from 5 fit to 10 fit, or extends to 30 fit if you use multiple motors.

Main features :

  1. One remote can control many curtains.
  2. Open and close the window curtain by remote control, control pad, wall switch, or timers.
  3. Can also stop at any intermediate position.
  4. Simple and easy installation with driver and control system in one box.
  5. Safe and reliable.
  6. Ideal for home theatre curtains, living room Blinds, Office receptions, office conference room, bedrooms, dens, church baptisteries, convention booth curtains, hotels, much more.


  1. The whole package includes all-in-one Roller Blind system. However, no curtain fabric is included. You should provide your own fabric.
  2. This electric curtain system is only used indoor for homes and offices.
  3. This electric curtain system is for straight and curved windows. By using multiple sets, it can apply to L-shaped windows as well.

•  Highest Quality
•  Affordable Price
•  Simple Installation
•  Easy Operation

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